31 days of cold showers – getting closer – coming for you Matt D’Avella / Twyla Tharp quote

morning babble / Tuesday 07-20-21

The scribble about the babble – blah, blah, blah. Sometimes it gets tidied up.

I ran my 5k. #201 of the year.

I also cold-showered 19 done / 12 more to go. I’m coming for you Matt D’Avella. Check out his 30 days of cold showers here.

I’m amazed at how every inch of you needs to have the cold water hit it. Oh, and I keep babbling about benefits. Here’s a quick hit list:

Lowering body fat
Increasing hormone levels
Improving sexual performance and fertility
Lowering blood sugar
Cutting food cravings
Improving adrenal function
Fixing thyroid issues
Enhancing immune function
Improving deep sleep quality
Increasing pain tolerance
Reducing inflammation

Every paperwork days on Monday & Friday, I have “Thunder” by AC/DC play at 3pm to remind me to wrap it up, because I want to dig into other projects. I really want to make that happen. But – it’s tough. I did talk with my friend, Cecil, last night about making time. Couple years ago, I would write on every Monday and Wednesday – it was on my calendar. I think I’m going to get back to that. Mondays shouldn’t be an issue, but the 2nd day should be Wednesday or Thursday.

Pulled my Stephen King On Writing book, but it was done during a time when I didn’t do the tab thing to my books nor highlighted them. It’s pristine. Tempted to read it again some time soon, but not on writing nights.

“Doing is better than not doing, and if you do something badly you’ll learn to do it better” – by Twyla Tharp. Her book, The Creative Habit, is a must read!

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