5k Run #200 of the year! Don’t send in the clowns or balloons though / Cold showers continue

morning babble / Monday 07-19-21

#200 day of the year means I’ve done an awful lot of 5k runs. 200 to be exact. Without the balloons and clowns, I thought I would simply update on everything. The goal remains – 366 days of 5K runs and needs to be completed through January 1st.

After watching the first morning babble this morning (which I haven’t done), I enjoyed the first quote of the day ” Win the morning, Win the Day” – Tim Ferriss. I also was asking to be helped, but was hoping to inspire too. I realize that there isn’t too much suspense or tension here, but I’m hoping that every time some one clicks it . . . a little inspiration is sent their way.

Day #2 video was watched as well – this is the day that I talked about how Jerry Seinfeld pushes himself with daily writing. Every day you need to mark the calendar with an “X” and this builds a chain which you don’t want to break. On January 2nd, I only had 2 links to the chain. Fast forward to today and I’m still not breaking it!

Last night, I cold-showered. Not fun still. 18 down.

I’m still writing . . . couple shorts are being worked on now. I still need bigger gaps of time to dig into the book that I’m working on. I’m trying!

“No Plan B, No Plan A – just The Plan.” – by someone

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