Forgetting the computer made my day / Welcome Isabelle Florence – congrats to Ashley & Ant

morning babble / Wednesday 07-28-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much.

#209 – 5K Every Day – got my new blue card. The other item that I ordered isn’t coming until August 16th. Which isn’t good. I needed it on August 15th when I try 10 Hot Sauces with my brother-in-law, Nick. It’s called the HiccAway : A Natural Remedy Proven to Stop Hiccups Instantly.

Hot Ones – host Sean Evans (not related) interviews celebrities while tasting 10 hot sauces – Will Ferrell / Paul Rudd / Bill Burr / Shaq

I cold-showered, too. 4 more days until the heat returns to the bathing routine.

Ashley & Anthony – CONGRATS as we all welcome baby Isabelle Florence!

My Elliott has his MRI tonight. Nothing will really be known until Friday though with the doctor visit. Chiari malformation – which basically means the brain is too big for the skull. 

Left my laptop at the workshop . . . turned out to make the best part of my day.

“The scholar who thinks but does not create is like the cloud which does not give rain.” – by Eastern Wisdom (Page 121 of A Calendar of Wisdom – Tolstoy)

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