31 Days of July Cold Showers – Mission accomplished / Books w/ David Chang & Captain Blue Hen Comics

morning babble / Sunday 08-01-21

Where am I? Manahawkin, New Jersey. There was a little birthday surprise for someone special to Lauren and I – Caff. She turned 40. 🙂 Why is the year 1961 posted all over the party though? Anyway, it was a surprise birthday for her and it worked. Nice work, G-Dog. And yes, lots of beverage, had a cigar, wonderful live music from Chris Lebresco – you got an event, a bar, a restaurant – hire that dude.

I ran. #213 of 5K runs

I also cold-showered last night – late last night. So, it’s done. The 31 Days of July Cold Showers happened – mission accomplished! Earlier in the day on Saturday, I actually recorded a video to post when I did it.

Books (and Comics) on a Sunday!

“Life’s too short to just breeze on by” – by David Chang

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