About to pass Matt D’Avella for cold showers! / 7 months of 5K runs – done! / Robert Fritz quote

morning babble / Saturday 07-31-21

I ran #212. Did it on the treadmill, too. We have family coming over, so we need to pretend that we don’t have two little people living here and clean it up. Will there be glitter still? Oh yes – that’s a given now here. 10 pack glitter package – still hidden. By the way – that’s 7 months done of 5K runs. Over 700 miles I have run this year.

I cold-showered. 30 days – that means I tied Matt D’Avella. Today, I shall pass him for 31 Days of July Cold Showers. But – it also means that I need to produce a video. In the works.

Elliott – no surgery needed – will review again in a year. So, that’s a relief. It’s still there – the Chiari malformation – which basically means the brain is too big for the skull, but we’ll just need to monitor. The doctors were also looking at a hole in his brain too. Not an aneurysm or a tumor. I said that it’s his reading hole and he should fill it up over the next year. We did hit Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark. Got both kids some books to read. Did Daddy get some comics? Maybe. And maybe we’ll talk about them tomorrow – on Books on a Sunday.

AMA Saturday: (watch the video for better answers)

  • Question #1 – Is there a reason you begin your 3 day fasts on Tuesday rather than Monday? Yes.
  • Question #2 – Even though I’m vaccinated, are you wearing masks again? Yes

“It’s not what the vision is; it’s what the vision does.” – by Robert Fritz, composer / educator

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