New Music Friday: Weezer, Nas, The Weeknd / Countdown to 15,000 – I’m trying / Fortnite w/ Ariana

morning babble / Friday 08-06-21

I have to correct something I said yesterday. I mentioned a Dunkin Donuts in Wilmington on Lancaster Avenue, but there is no such thing. It’s Lancaster Pike. BUT – at least I pronounce “Lancaster” correctly, right?

I ran – it was #218 of the 5K runs.

Countdown to 15,000 words – It was a busy week. Only went from 1566 to 1928. Yeah, only 362 new words. I’ve got some work ahead.

New Music Friday:

  • Another listening party last night in Atlanta, GA with Mr. Kanye West. Another version of the song “Donda” was played. As for the whole album dropping yet – nope . . . not yet. Rumor has it that Kanye is living in the basement of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium working on the album. I know – genius – weird, too though.
  • As promised, Nas delivered King’s Disease II, a “sequel” album to his Grammy-winning LP King’s Disease. The single that is being pushed is called “Rare”. In it, he sings about having his Mets cap on backwards. You know the Mets are in Philly this weekend. Phillies are a 1/2 game behind the Mets. Game on!
  • Weezer is next up for playing a Metallica song for the upcoming Metallica Blacklist album due out on September 10th. Weezer covered “Enter Sandman” and did a kickass job. Rivers sings it well, but I liked the teases of Weezer guitars throughout the song, too.
  • What happens when you get Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, and Bruce Springsteen’s The Boss playing together? You get a cover song of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. They actually performed the song together several times in 2014 during Springsteen’s Australian tour. The single comes from Morello’s upcoming Atlas Underground album called The Atlas Underground Fire.
  • The Weeknd released his new single and has a video for it as well – called “Take My Breath”. Disco sound to it. It’s the Weeknd. How did Daniel Craig do it?
  • Couple random ones – Black Eyed Peas’ “Hit It” – hitting it once, twice, 4x – all until you’re satisfied. Nelly sings “High Horse” – there’s something about that one. Gets into your ears. It’s not like the “Hot in Herre” song, but there’s something there.
  • Lastly, Ariana Grande will be doing the Fortnite Rift Tour show – actually several all weekend. 5 to be exact. I learned this from my 12 year old son who has stated that he needed to bring his X-Box with him in order to see the show tonight – we’re going somewhere. 6pm tonight – EST. Click here for further info and times. Arianna will be looking to break the record set by Travis Scott, whose event last year attracted an audience of 12.3m concurrent players, breaking the game’s record at the time (Marshmello).

“It’s not the time in your life, it’s the life in your time.” – by Bruce Springsteen

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