Lots of Dunkin Donuts talk/ Yes – I bought Old Navy shorts for an employee/ James Clear quote

morning babble / Saturday 08-07-21

This is the scribble that helps with the babble . . . might not be the best “writing” but it helps me talk “real good.”

Outside run today because there isn’t a treadmill at the shore. There are no-see-ums and green heads though – they are my enemies. #219 of 5K runs.

Brought the kids this time to the shore – got the place to ourselves. Heading to the actual beach today. Touch water and sand. Back some beverage for sanity. Got keep looking for shells with the 5 year old little girl. Meanwhile, the boy wants me to get pummeled along with him in the waves. Can’t wait.

Countdown to 15,000 – I did write some last night. But – it was mainly editing. So, I actually think I’m in the negative now of progress.

AMA Saturday:

Question #1 – Did you really buy pants for a Dunkin’ Donuts employee? Yes.

I briefly mentioned it the other day when talking about Dunkin. So, just to recap. I visit the Dunkin on Lancaster Pike a lot but not as much as I have in the past. But – they know me. The older gentleman in the afternoon always looked relieved to see my visit – probably because of all the other fun visitors he has at that time. Gotta know the area. Anyway, one particular day, I got my java, was out of the store, and already climbing back into the company vehicle when he came hustling out. Initially, I thought I had done something wrong or my credit card didn’t go through and I just walked out?

Nope – he stopped me before closing my door and pointed to my pants . . . well, shorts. In particular – cargo shorts and told me that he really liked them. He then asked me if I could get him a pair. I quickly explained that he could get them himself at Old Navy. He shook his head that he didn’t drive and that his son dropped him off to work and picked him up – that was it. I then added about going online to purchase. I saw the blank look on his face and that answered that question. Finally, I simply asked him what size. Later that night, I placed the order online.

About a week later, they arrived. I went in that day and ordered my afternoon drink and paid. I then surprised him with the shorts. He wanted to pay and I waved it off because I just felt really good about helping him. In a follow up visit, he pleaded to give me a coffee for free as well as the snackin’ bacon, so I did accept for those, but then I stressed to him that he didn’t need to keep doing that because I didn’t get him the shorts for free Dunkin’. We’re back to normal now with my visits, but I do wonder if he needs another pair.

Also, the other day, I did get Dunkin’ for some morning breakfast. Waiting for my order, I then saw smoked vanilla flavored drinks. I was so intrigued that I had an afternoon Dunkin’ run too. I got an Iced Smoked Vanilla Latte. Now, the pumpkin spice flavor is a swirl, which is sweetened. The swirls are good. The smoked vanilla is a syrup with no sweetener. Those taste a little too fake for me at times.

One last thing – have you tried those Strawberry munchkins? Taste like strawberry Quik – they got me.

“Planning and preparation are useful until they become a form of procrastination. Is this task enhancing my actions or substituting for them?” – by James Clear

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