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morning babble / Friday 08-13-21

Happy Friday!

3 Day Fast wrapped up last night shortly past the 6:21pm time needed to hit the 72 hour mark. Red wine – boxed red wine. I’m classy. Also had our pasta, sauce, and sausage meal – fresh bread. I got filled up and full. Still had some peanut butter fudge brownies for a dessert. I was so hungry though at the end of this fast – it didn’t help that I got home from work early and set up shop at the dinner table to do some paperwork. Food was right there. Chocolate Chip Muffins were less than 10 feet away. New Skippy Peanut Butter jars had just been bought and were still sitting on the counter. I told my wife that I could probably heat up a jar of that Skippy and drink it. So, I was hungry, but made it through my 3 day fast – 8th one of the year.

As for the PB and CC Muffin – I got it for breakfast.

I mentioned yesterday that I would have the Jeep and that I would probably listen to the full albums of Run the Jewels. I did listened to 3 & 4. Bits of 2. I actually love the Zach de la Rocha song “Close Your Eyes”. Also, a fun, but very naughty song is “Love Again.” Listen to it with nobody around unless they have your same twisted sexual humor.

I ran – #225 of the 5K runs

Countdown to 15,000 words – ugh – I forgot to count them up. I’ll have that ready tomorrow. Gives me time today to make it look better.

New Music Friday:

  • New Run the Jewels – sort of. It’s a remix of JU$T which features Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha. This redo sounded like they took the horns from Phil Collins’ Sussudio, but it’s nice. I still think that the actual song directly off the RTJ 4 Album is great. Listen to those lyrics – powerful.
  • Ludacris and his wife announced their new addition to the family, baby girl – Chance Oyali. That’s Luda’s 4th daughter. My brother had to put up with that. Tolerated? Enjoyed. Anyway – new Ludacris song dropped last night “butter.atl”. No news on a full album drop yet though.
  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss announced their joint album Raise the Roof with the release of the cover: ‘Can’t Let Go’. Back in 2007, they did another beautiful album together called Rising Sand. This new album is set for release on Nov. 19, and the duo plans to tour in 2022
  • New Lizzo song AND it’s with Cardi B – called “Rumors” – they’re busting on all the haters. Colorful song. Even more colorful video – I got a link. Lizzo confirms in the song that she hasn’t hooked up with Drake yet . . . not yet. No news on a full album drop here either.
  • Some Brent music: They Might Be Giants have dropped “I Can’t Remember the Dream,” off their upcoming album Book, which is due to be released on October 29th. I liked this song – it toed the line of “Birdhouse in your Soul” and “The Statue Got Me Hight” – two of the more popular songs from They Might Be Giants. I can’t wait for 10/29. AND another one that I like: Canada’s Arkells have just announced their sixth studio album Blink Once will be released on September 30th. Today, you can hear their song, “Swing Swing Swing”. These guys are sneaky good and I feel bad that I forget about them at times. But then, a song like this comes out and I go back listening to all their other albums and hit songs and kick myself for forgetting.
  • And finally, no album yet from Kanye West. We still wait.

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