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morning babble / Saturday 10-09-21

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Dunkin Day, but I actually did my 5k run already – did it on the mill. #282 in a row. Relaxing with my coffee now. I miss the blueberry bagel at Dunkin. Not that I would get it by itself with cream cheese or butter, but I would get it a part of my sandwiches. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Blueberry bagel.

Risking my life out here with walnuts dropping

Wind Sock – my daughter made with one of those Kiwi crates a couple of years ago. Put it up in the summer.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – When are you going to race again? Well, I initially said that I want to do the 10k run for the Turkey Trot in Newark, DE. I ran that before, but I’m now reconsidering doing it as a 10k, but do their 5k instead. I could be overthinking it, but the last thing I want to do here at towards the end of my goal for 366 days of 5k running is mess things up with another workout routine to stretch out my runs. I could be overthinking it. Plus, I would like to have 5k race where I officially get a time for the year. Not this Wednesday, but the following one – the 20th – there’s the University of Delaware 5K run. In fact, if you click on this, you’ll see me in the middle with the shades and Blue Hen cap running that race in 2019. It’s officially called the Blue Hen Homecoming 5K run. I’m trying to make that day work. My wife has class at U of D during race time, so I’m going to recruit someone to stand next to my two children.

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“Don’t say the day will come, bring on that day. – by someone

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