Hanging with Mr. February aka Dave Cruise of WXTU / Doggy tip via Howard Stern /Quote via Mario Andretti

morning babble / Monday 10-11-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

Our dogs wake up sounding like they are hung over and have dry mouth. It used to be worse though. Now, we constantly keep a fresh bowl of water in our bedroom. It’s amazing how many times they get a drink of water throughout the night. I think I learned this tip from Howard Stern. He also puts ice cubes in his dog’s bowls.

Mr. February visited my house – Dave Cruise!

#284 of my 5K runs

18,211 – countdown to 30, 000 words

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“If everything is under control, you are going too slow.” – by Mario Andretti – he’s a driver of race cars.

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