Let’s all be smelly goats / JoJo Siwa dancing update / Aurelius Quote via The Daily Stoic

morning babble / Tuesday 10-12-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

I ran #285 of 5K runs in a row! / Countdown to 30,000 words – definitely took a hit yesterday as I was not able to do anything. Work messed me up. We’re hiring by the way – oh we are hiring. And so is everybody else.

JoJo Siwa update from Dancing with the Stars – I checked in with my expert daughter on the topic, “Great – She got two 9s!” I double checked with my son, “She’s gonna win.” However, she did not get the high score of the night. I guess that went to Melora Hardin who was on The Office – she actually got four 9s. Anyway, JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson danced to the Cinderella song, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” complete with Siwa dressed as Prince Charming. I’m on Team JoJo – otherwise, I’d probably get kicked out of my house.

3 Day Fast is underway – I can eat again on Thursday at 6:10pm

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“The straightforward and good person should be like a smelly goat – you know when they are in the room with you.” – by Marcus Aurelius

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