Coffee Jitters! Gotta bring back the Mud! / Happy B-day Jacob! / Tom Bilyeu quote

morning babble / Thursday 12-02-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

So, I had coffee yesterday. I decided to do what I typically do with the amount of java. BUT – that tally was from over a month ago. AND – I got the jitters after two travel mugs. Only 1 today. The other is my MUD. I also got afternoon coffee from Dunkin, but got a large instead of my October coffee runs of XL. Oh – I put up an Instagram story yesterday morning of me doing a pour-over and there was an R2D2 bearing a Santa Hat in the background. Actually, I think it was in the background of the picture I posted with the coffee bags. R2D2 – show you on Saturday.

Sad news – No Reindeer Run for us this year. We procrastinated and sign-ups are closed. Whoops. Instead we’ll be digging into our red & green Rubbermaids and finally putting up that monster of a deco layout “Christmas in the City.”

Advent Calendars quickly looked at.

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Jacob. I think he’s 16 and can drive now – that’s how long it feels like it has been between seeing the little guy. Happy 7th!

I ran #336. Countdown to 366!

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“I know on a long enough time scale I can beat anyone at anything because I won’t stop. Most people are broke emotionally. They can’t handle it. They can’t embarrass themselves. They can’t change their dogma.”” – by Tom Bilyeu (bill you)

When he starts talking – I get hyped but I also look around to make sure my kids can’t hear.

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