Routine to set smaller goals via Field Notes / Matt Ragland advice / Oprah quote via Daily Stoic Podcast

morning babble / Thursday 01-27-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Friday Eve!

339 days until EXIT PLAN

Working on my smaller goals thought / Went back to an old faithful – Field Notes

Matt Ragland (Connect the Dots podcast) broke down his big annual goal into 4 quarters – every 12 weeks.  broke it down even further into 4 to 6 week sprints.  Macro – year / micro – 4 week sprints / He also stresses to set goals that you can control – example of how many subscribers vs. how many videos to post.

Ryan Holiday via his Daily Stoic podcast – It’s okay to stumble – letting good intentions slide a bit – that’s okay.  Just keep getting back at it.  There’s Oprah advice:

“If you catch yourself eating an Oreo, don’t beat yourself up.  Just try to stop before you finish the whole sleeve.  And then, try doing better tomorrow.” – by Oprah

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