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morning babble / Thursday 03-31-22

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276 days until EXIT PLAN

Meatless March – what did I learn?

Things normally not chosen, but liked: Spicy Potatoes – ordered at Suki Hana in the Christiana Mall – very good. Veggie Lo Mein was fine, but the spicy potatoes – the winner!

Things I liked the best: All the Mexican food – burritos / tacos / chips & salsa

Least favorite meal: General Tso’s Bean Curd – our local Chinese place for take-out. It was tofu – the nasty kind. Gassy stuff, too. I was in pain that night.

The closest “whoops”: A pork roll sandwich from Wawa

Biggest “surprise”: The Veggie button on the menu at Wawa

What food did I miss the most?: Snackin’ Bacon from Dunkin’ / Hot Wings on Friday night and Pepperoni Pizza

Meatless March – what happened overall?

Sleep – tough call / It was a bad month of sleep, but I don’t think I can blame the diet. Allergies were kicking in. However, it didn’t help or improve anything.

Energy – eh. Another tough call. I felt more tired in the mornings, but that was because of the bad sleep, which was a cause of allergies kicking in.

I was definitely more hungry the whole month. I definitely ate more. AND – I gained weight. Every month last year – I lost weight. Beginning of January, I ticked up 5 lbs because I stopped running for a good week? End of January – it was gone again. For February, I held a weight that I liked all month but overall – lost a pound. This month at the end of it – I gained over 9 lbs.

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“Not eating meat is a decision. Eating meat is an instinct!” – by Dennis Leary

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