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morning babble / Friday 04-08-22

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I’ve had better!

268 days until EXIT PLAN

New Music Friday:

  • Officially out on all streaming platforms – Fear of the Dawn – from Jack White. I have been enjoying it, but I am a Jack White fan. However, I have to admit that his album from 2018 – Boarding House Reach – not so much a fan. He was trying something entirely different in that one . . . and I didn’t really get it too much. He’s doing something different again, but I’m liking this one more. It’s still not the White Stripes sound but I hear the guitar at times that I want to hear and certain songs I’m already looking forward to hearing again. As stated yesterday, a favorite for me is “Morning, Noon and Night.”
  • Father John Misty’s new album – Chloë and The Next 20th Century – is all out today. I’ve discussed a couple releases already “Goodbye, Mr. Blue” and “Funny Girl”. The single being pushed now is “Kiss Me (I Loved You)”. Very relaxing sound to everything that I’ve heard. And – I’ve said it before, typically not something I would listen to . . . especially on a cranky day like yesterday, but maybe not such a bad idea to chill me out.
  • Earlier this week, Pusha T released a new song with Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams called “Neck & Wrist.” I wanted something more. It’s just “there” for me. I mean, Jay-Z – Pharrell – I wanted sneak peak of summer fun hit. Anyway, the new single, as well as February’s release “Diet Coke,” will be on the now named album – It’s Almost Dry from Pusha T. However, no release date as of yet.
  • A new Sinatra song popped up on my Spotify today. The song is “Watertown” and it’s a remixed song. Nothing has been announced, but this might mean that the entire album – also called Watertown – might be getting a reissue Originally from 1970, this is a concept album that tells a full-fledged story about a fictional town – Watertown. Its Old Blue Eyes giving a try at some rock-oriented pop music. I’ll take it. One of my favorite things to do every Sunday morning is pull up the show “Playing Favorites on Sinatra”. It’s a weekly show hosted by someone new each week – singers, actors, someone known – and they play their favorite songs from Sinatra. It’s on Siriusly Sinatra via SirusXM.
  • Oh yeah – FYI – the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album – Unlimited Love – thumbs up! It’s amazing what bringing back an old band member can do for the group – I’m talking about guitarist John Frusciante (froo shaa tay)

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“Don’t hide your scars. They make you who you are.” – by Frank Sinatra

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