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morning babble / Monday 04-18-22

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Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend – some celebrated Passover, others Easter, and others – it was the weekend. We had the bunny visit, so excess candy is in the house. I did have to make a run to my business’s workshop yesterday. At a light, I got beeped at and looked over. This older couple in a Mercedes were trying to say something to me. They didn’t look mad, but I still took a deep breath before putting the window down – I didn’t think I did anything wrong. And – I hadn’t. They wanted to know if there was a nearby Wegman’s. What? No – not really. I mean there is one about 20 minutes from here, but that’s on 202 heading towards PA. I then cut myself short and stressed no – not around here. Don’t they have a phone?

258 days until EXIT PLAN

So, the other day, I mentioned Amelia Earhart because my journal – The Five-Minute Journal – had a quote from her. This triggered a story that I remembered my grandmother telling me. She was my Nana and my kids called her Super Nana, because you know – you couldn’t really go with Big Nana. Anyway, she worked for George Agnew Chamberlain who lived quite a life. Hunted with Teddy Roosevelt. Back to my Nana, she would go to his house with my uncle – who was a baby at the time in a basket – and then sit to take down what Mr. Chamberlain would spout out. The book that she worked on was The Lantern on the Plough – Published in 1925. Oh yeah – how does this all relate to Amelia Earhart. Well, she would visit Chamberlain on his property . . . by flying in. All in Bridgeton, NJ. A place that I always pick on when I have to visit for my job because they have no Starbucks and I lose any phone capability for the 3 to 4 hours while there.


Knock out the “have to” work first

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“If you can’t be happy with a coffee, you won’t be happy with a yacht.” – by Naval

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