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morning babble / Friday 05-06-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Lost 7.6 lbs – what? Burger King? Whopper Melt.

240 days until EXIT PLAN

Mother’s Day on Sunday / Hanging with some friends on Saturday night / and tonight is something special for my family: Black Pistol Fire at the Foundry in Philly! The kids are coming. Elliott’s 2nd real concert. Violet’s 1st one. Kevin and Eric – we’re the parents with the 2 little ones.

Music News: Eminem and Dolly Parton are in for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Like both of them. The class is rounded out by Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, Pat Benatar, and Eurythmics. Some of my favorites who were nominated but didn’t make the cut: Beck, A Tribe Called Quest, and Rage Against the Machine

New Music Friday:

  • I talked about not having it this last Friday, but we did get the song this past week. I’m talking about “Hold My Hand” – the new song from Lady Gaga that she made for the new Tom Cruise movie Top Gun: Maverick, which is out for Memorial Day weekend on May 27th
  • Awolnation dropped their full album – Today – the single that is being pushed is “Take a Chance on Me” which features Jewel. Yes – that’s the ABBA song. This new collaboration album, My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers And Me contains 11 tracks with help from Hanson, Rise Against, Grouplove, Jewel, Brandon Boyd from Incubus, and Beck. I saw that a song from the late 90s that I enjoyed “Flagpole Sitta” was redone. Definitely, an upbeat fun album that can be played through and through this weekend. Again, it’s called My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers & Me from Awolnation.
  • Last night, A$AP Rocky released a video to accompany his new song track “D.M.B.,” which features him and Rihanna — prior to her pregnancy. In the video, Rocky wears grills on his teeth that say, “MARRY ME?” Rihanna’s teeth, in turn, bear the message, “I DO.” Teeth jewelry making the proposal. Who’s says romance is dead? Oh yea, the acronym for the song “DMB” is “Dat’s My B****h”. Click here for the video.

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“If you have enemies, good that means you stood up for something” – by Eminem

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