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morning babble / Monday 05-09-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Ahhhhhhhh, Monday

237 days until EXIT PLAN

12th Annual Blue Hen 5K – part of the Alumni Weekend / I signed up, so did my friend, Greg. It’s on Sunday, June 5th – race begins at 9:30am


Fails –

Thursday – Burger King

Friday – Jeni’s Ice Cream

Saturday – Lots of Chip & Dip, plenty of IPA beverage, and then Desserts by Dana

Sunday – Popcorn at the Movie Theatre – The Mom of the house wanted the family to go and see the new Dr. Strange movie . . . so that’s what we did – Happy Mommy’s Day.

Accomplishments –

No Dunkin Donuts – all week. I never stopped – saved money AND didn’t get the extra carbs or the sugar / Less snacking – really

Weight +/- for the day is -6 lbs when compared to 5/1 weigh-in

Push-ups done for the Bring Sally Up Challenge – 14

The “Bring Sally Up” Challenge 1 Play the song “Flower” by Moby 2 When the song says “bring sally up” – push up. 3 When the song says bring sally down – come down. 4 Do it continually through the end of the song. 5 If you complete the entire exercise, you’ll do 30 reps of pushups

Week ahead –

3 Day Fast / More workouts / Speeding up my 5Ks

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“A life spent looking for shortcuts is a long road to nowhere.” – by Naval

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