Quick 3 Day Fast Wrap-up / New Music Friday with Lizzo, BTS, Pharrell, Jack White and more!

morning babble / Friday 06-10-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

3 Day Fast ended yesterday at 6:54pm with an IPA beer from River Roost Brewery out of Vermont – thank you Greg for the hook-up.

205 days until EXIT PLAN

New Music Friday:

  • There’s a new song out from Pharrell Williams – “Cash In, Cash Out” – once you’re done listening to it. “Cash In, Cash Out” keeps playing over & over in the head. Pharrell teamed up with Tyler, the Creator and 21 Savage for the song. Next weekend – Juneteenth weekend – Pharrell is having his Something in the Water Festival in DC. The three stars – Pharrell, Tyler, and 21 Savage will all be there, so you know you’ll that one.
  • New Jack White today . . . actually from Wednesday – “If I Die Tomorrow” is the latest single from his second new album of 2022 and it also has a video to go along with it. Arriving on July 22nd in its entirety is Entering Heaven Alive. We already got earlier singles from this album: “Love Is Selfish” and “Queen of the Bees”. Again, this is his 2nd album of 2022 – Fear of the Dawn being the first.
  • The Pixies are dropping a full album on September 30th. Today though, we get the new song: “There’s a Moon On.” It’s the Pixies. Via Pitchfork, I read how they claim their new album is different: “We no longer have under two-minute songs. We have little breaks, more conventional arrangements but still our twists in there.” So, it’s the Pixies but with longer songs. Oh yeah – name of the album is Doggerel (dog erule) which means comic verse composed in irregular rhythm
  • Remember that song Girls from the Beastie Boys (video) – Lizzo released her own version and it’s called “Grrrls” – it that beginning part from you’ll hear throughout the song, but what you won’t hear (video) is something like that. The Lizzo song is absolutely a “girl power” anthem song and very well done. Lizzo’s next album Special which arrives next month on July 15th – a whole lot more fun coming from her.
  • Today, K-pop band BTS has released their anthology album titled Proof – with over 2 hours of music, you get 35 songs. Remember this is their anthology album – so, there’s only a handful of new songs. But one of them – “Yet to Come” is being pushed with the backing of a new video that they also released today. Video had 8.8 million views in the first hour. That’s Morning Babble material right there. Just kidding.

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“The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose.” – by unknown

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