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Preparing oneself for a fast: 3 Tips

morning babble / Monday 08-15-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

On Friday, I talked about my daughter and how you never know when it will be the last time in picking up your child. Several people reached out asking how old my little girl was. She’s 6 and since she is 6 . . . you know that we count even the months. So, she’s not just 6, but 6 1/2. It’s funny when you’re a kid you count by the months. BUT – I remember my Nana. Once she was 98, 99, 100. She celebrated monthly birthdays. Get me a cake every month!

139 days until EXIT PLAN


Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor / I’m just letting you know what I’ve learned

Well, 3 Day Fast is the goal for this week along with some other things. But – let’s talk fasting. To prepare for a fast, there are three common suggestions:

  1. Remove Inflammatory Foods like alcohol and sugar. You shouldn’t be inhaling candy prior to the fast. No clubbing tonight either / or bar hopping.
  2. Limit Carbohydrate Consumption – When carbs are limited and cut from a diet, the body will have an easier transition into ketosis. Meanwhile, others will move into the fat-burning stage more quickly than some
  3. Start Restricting Your Feeding Window: Slowly restricting your feeding window and fasting for longer periods of time each day will help when one begins a fast that takes place over several days at a time.

Now, for me, I know that during my Meaty May / Low Carb Month, I had the most difficult time with my 3 Day Fast. I believe my body did move along more quickly into Ketosis – almost too quickly. I found myself so weak – immediately. Normally, I can run or workout during a fast. Not that month. That was extremely difficult. The month after (June), I remember inhaling a Burger King burger and then a 2 pack of Reese’s PB cups in the parking lot of my son’s baseball game. I was just fine again with the 3 Day Fast – no issues. For me, the transition was better because I had a better “base” to pull from? Again, I’m no doctor, but that’s how I felt.

Our typical meal on a Monday night is pasta with sauce & sausage AND some wine. So, I continuously abuse the first two suggestions. Tonight is that meal too.

I agree with the 3rd suggestion whole-heartedly. Shrinking down the eating window prior to a prolonged fast is always a good idea. I feel as if you are “readying the ship” for the fasting voyage. So, leading up to a fast – shrink that eating window – all in on that idea.

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“Fasting is not nearly so deadly as feasting.” – by J Harold Smith

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