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morning babble / Tuesday 08-16-22

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Welcome to National Fasting Day – according to the fasting app – Zero App

They chose this day because of a fast that everyone can do today – the 16:8 intermittent fasting. 16 hour window of fasting / 8 hour window of eating.

Also, it’s National INXS Day – they turn 45! To celebrate, there’s all kinds of specialty releases today as well as a special TikTok streaming party.

138 days until EXIT PLAN

DAY 1 – easiest day because it is. The body hasn’t figured out yet what has happened.

Eat again on Thursday at 6:27PM

Fasting tips – how to get through these 3 days!

  1. Stay busy. Don’t pick a week when you’ll be sitting around at home . . . near the kitchen. I enjoy packing my workdays during the week of a fast. So – typically, my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are full work days – nothing short and easy.
  2. “Flavor Up” your water – I drink a lot of water during work days and even though this is a delicious way to go each and every time with your water, I save it for my 3 Day Fast times. In turn, it becomes a hidden “treat” for the fast. When you add a small slice of lemon or a couple slices of cucumber to your water, the water becomes “flavored” and is a glorious welcome to the taste buds. In fact, I have learned that during a fast, your senses begin to “fine tune” themselves. In turn, these simple flavor additives are dramatically enjoyed and felt by the body.
  3. Start your day with a glass of water – add a lemon slice along with a pinch of salt. When consuming all this water during a fast, your body becomes depleted of electrolytes and in some cases, rather quickly. When this happens, there can be symptoms along the lines of cramping, fatigue, dizziness, and in severe cases even blackouts. So, supplement a with electrolytes (salt) in the morning . . . and that will set off your day right.
  4. Caffeine is known to suppress appetite, so drinking the java or tea helps you get through the fast. Watch how much you ingest though – without anything on the belly, that caffeine hits the bloodstream quickly and BOOM! Your heart can go racing a little too quickly. This is always another time where I’ll treat myself with another type of coffee. A fancier dark roast bean because the tasting experience is heightened and I enjoy the better analysis that I can make on the coffee.

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“A diet changes the way you look. A fast changes the way you see.” – by Lisa Bevere

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