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morning babble / Thursday 09-15-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

DAY 3 of the 3-DAY FAST


When you wake up on the 3rd day, your body initially is like “I think you forgot something these past couple days. Can’t quite put my finger on it . . . oh that’s right, food!”

Actually, it’s not that bad, but you do start the day slowly. Like really slow, but once you get going – the autophagy kicks in.

108 days until EXIT PLAN

Almost put honey in my tea this morning. So close. Just out of habit.

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Jock Willink – Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual

Little Elbow to the Ribs – Good Times

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“There is no growth in the comfort zone.” by Jocko Willink

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