morning babble: The power of the one song playlist with INXS and Box Car Racer / Robert Greene quote

morning babble / Tuesday 09-27-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Just opened this 5lb bag of coffee yesterday – got it from Bean Central and it’s called African Smoke – delicious. But – I opened it and was putting it into sealed off containers. As I was doing it, my wife came over and enjoying the coffee sniff in the air.

Yesterday, I took a quote from this guy – James Clear. I’m going to do it again, but it’s not the quote of the day. This was an Instagram post from him that he called Monday Morning Question: “If you keep doing what you are about to do today for the next five years, will you end up with more of what you want or less of what you want?”

96 days until EXIT PLAN

Quick side note – son is feeling a little better / Will still be home from school.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear-cut winner to report on. I’ve been listening to some of the Jon Stewart podcast, but I know that can put some people off. I’m also listening to this local (Delaware) group of comedy guys who interview other comedians. Still getting a feel for it though. Right now, I’m just late to the party and trying to feel out their show. Learning their lingo!

Listened to ’40s Junction on Sirius XM Radio because of my son being home. He enjoys hearing that channel whenever we are in the car. So, I played it on my computer throughout the day. I really enjoyed doing all my paperwork that I knocked out to it. Need that “noise” in the background.

I am a fan of the “One Song Playlist” for certain tasks. When I write, I enjoy hearing INXS “The Stairs.” When I run, I’ll sometimes listen to Box Car Racer “I Feel So” on repeat.

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“You are your own worst enemy. You waste precious time dreaming of the future instead of engaging in the present.” – by Robert Greene

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