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morning babble / Thursday 10-27-22

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I saw a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial for Pumpkin Spice Wings and they looked so good. Then, I saw some people posting on Twitter how good they were.

I have no idea why I never thought about trying them before – BUT I’m going to try them this weekend / Printed out 3 recipes to try

Pigskin Gourmet – click it and enjoy!

66 days until EXIT PLAN

Tomorrow night – Game 1 of the World Series as my beloved Philadelphia Phillies take on those Astros from Houston. Here come the Bandwagon fans. I enjoy a bigger party and celebration, but I do have some angst here. Let me explain.

Back in 2000 – I was working in Baltimore for the first time at a Classic Rock station. Classic Rock that Really Rocks. Anyway, being an overall football fan, I was excited to have the opportunity to cheer on another team besides my Eagles. The Baltimore Ravens – they were in a whole other conference – no big deal. Tony Banks to Trent Dilfer. They didn’t even know the running back – Jamal Lewis. They thought it was still Priest Holmes.

I got picked on a lot for being a band wagon fan from . . . band wagon fans. So much so, that during the Super Bowl – I actually was cheering on the New York Giants.

So, my tips for bandwagon Phillies fans:

Bryce Harper is not a National and Zach Wheeler is not a Met

No – Chase Utley and Cole Hamels are no longer on the team

Yup – that Realmuto behind the plate not Chooch

Yes – that’s a rookie at shortstop, Bryson Stott – not J-roll and certainly not Larry Bowa.

Schmitty is not at 3rd base . . . that’s Alec Bohm who has a tendency to take his shirt off during the playoff celebrations. Some ladies have pointed that out. A lot of ladies.

And finally at first base – it’s not Rice Hoskins . . . it’s Reeeeeese (Rhys) Hoskins.

Go Phillies!

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“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”by Babe Ruth

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