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morning babble / Friday 05-10-24


This is the scribble that leads to the babble.

Sometimes, it gets tidied up; other times, not so much.

When all else fails: there’s video!

(Friday Pilots Club “Better With” cut)

The band is Friday Pilots Club. Listed in their Instagram profile description – “rock band”

(Friday Pilots Club “Better With” cut)

Morning Babble Opener

Happy Weekend! So close to summer weekends, too. My wife just found out that she has off on Fridays all summer – good for her, bad for me or bad for the videos . . . you see, I get shy doing these videos. I’m a delicate soul. It’s hard for me to crank it up a notch and then having people in the house wondering “What’s he doing down there?”

Countdown Video

I’m doing New Music Friday . . . that’s what! See – I can act all tough when nobody is here.

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that! Be sure to like, to subscribe, to whatever at this link!

  • At the very beginning of today’s video – I played Friday Pilots Club – an older tune from them called “Better With” but they do have their debut album out (clip) That’s “Spectator” which is a song that I’ve highlighted a couple times – I’m a fan. (clip) – (laughing) – I’m really hoping that made someone giggle out there. Not a belly laugh, but a simple giggle . Back to Friday Pilots Club – yes, their debut album called Nowhere is out – 12 songs in total. The song being pushed by Spotify and the one that’s named after the album AND the band did do a video for it – here’s “Nowhere” (clip)
  • One of the websites that I follow for new music is the Pitchfork website. AND – one of the contributors that I always seem to be reading articles from is Matthew Strauss. You might say . . . that I’m a fan. (clip) I know, I know, I can’t do that twice, but I wanted to follow up on it. That’s a clip of an oscillating fan video that is 3 hours long. It has over 13 million views. That’s amazing. People use it to fall asleep to. Just buy a fan. Or – I will provide a link. (clip) That song is called “Whiskey” by Arooj Aftab. It’s the 2nd release off of her upcoming album Night Reign, which fully arrives on May 31st. This is what I learned from the Strauss article with the musican explaining her new song: “‘Whiskey’ is about being out at night with someone you like, but the evening gets a little carried away. My friend has had too much, now I am tired, and I need to figure out how to get us both home. But overall somehow the night and the interaction is still pretty cute.” Who wants a shot?
  • (clip with Taylor Swift) Post Malone has been a busy dude. Yeah, he was in that “Fortnight” song with Ms. Swift. BUT – just last year, he had his album – Austin – drop, that pop-sounding album (“Chemical” clip) Definitely a different sound from his album: beerbongs & bentleys, which I did like (Rockstar) And now, he’s leaning into the country and has teased us with his new sound by sharing videos from the studio of him singing country classics like a cover of Garth Brooks’ song “Friends in Low Places.” (cut) Post’s country album is due out at some point this year, but for now, we do officially have one of the songs off of that album – alongside Morgan Wallen – this is “I Had Some Help” (clip)
  • Several quick hits of new music: Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t want no minute-man. She has released a song and video that only she could craft. Go search out – BOA. // An album that I’ve been looking forward to in its entirety is now out. An hour of music spread out over 19 songs. The album is called The Process and the band is called Judah & the Lion // By now, you all know about the rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. I’ve got nothing new to add except what I’ve said all along – Team Kendrick // The band – Hinds – have announced the upcoming release of their new album – Viva Hinds – all out on Sept 6th. In the meantime, they did share a new track, which includes a fellow who they spontaneously met at a film screening in LA. This is “Boom Boom Back” and features Beck (clip)

Thank you to Spotify, Rolling Stone, Apple Music, uDiscoverMusic, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Louder, Spill Magazine, Dan Deluca of the Philly Inquirer & I know there’s more.

Be sure to check out the playlist on Spotify. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s a playlist of songs that I’ve talked about and thought about: so, you’ll see some new music there from Maggie Rogers, Fuller, Andrew Bird, and anything that I really messed up and missed – well, that’s why I’ll be doing Missed Music Monday on Monday. 

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“We all get distracted, the question is, would you bounce back or bounce backwards?” – Kendrick Lamar

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