“Quote of the Day” – Tuesday 06-04-24

morning babble / Tuesday 06-04-24

Borrowing words from someone else in an attempt to spread happiness everywhere or at the very least – a reasonable range. Hey – go click that video!

“Glory Days” cut

That’s probably my favorite Bruce Springsteen song of all time. Love the song, Love the video. On this date, 40 years ago – that’s 1984 – Bruce Springsteen released the album – Born in the USA.

“Born in the USA” cut

So, today’s quote of the day, I think you know who it’s coming from. That’s right – Phil Collins. I’m kidding.

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“It’s not the time in your life, it’s the life in your time.” – by Bruce Springsteen

For all you quote geeks (like me) – I realize that Abe Lincoln said something along these same lines. I just like the way The Boss did it.

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