morning babble / Saturday 2-13-21

I ran. I didn’t say it again yesterday, but I did. AND – I ran today, too. So, I made a new blue card to help remind me about saying it (check that video below).


1st – Thank you to Beth for sending me the Mad Libs books. Recently, I claimed that I didn’t have any fun books, but now I do. AND – my kids enjoy them with me. Many thank yous again for your kindnes, Beth!

Next, I’ve talked before about reading Matthew Walker’s book – Why We Sleep. Well, I’m still reading it. Typically, I read at night and I’ve been getting stuck in Chapter 8 on page 166. One night, I read a fact about “the simplest reduction of sleep by 1 or 2 hours will promptly speed the contracting rate of a person’s heart, hour upon hour, and significantly increase the systolic blood pressure within their vasculature.” What? I went to bed. So, the next night, I got through the top half of the page. Unfortunately, at the bottom of it, I then read, “If you were on of the individuals who were obtaining just five to six hours each night or less, you were 200 to 300 percent more likely to suffer calcification of your coronary arteries over the next five years.” Again, What? So, I went to bed again. This weekend, during the day, I’m hoping to read and get through all of this.

Finished Sapiens on Audible. It was good . . . I enjoyed it. But next . . . I was looking forward to this one after I joined Audible again. David Goggins and his book Can’t Hurt Me. I began listening today on the treadmill. That book is going to make me run – a lot.

I actually took this directly from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman – it was on yesterday’s daily post. Inspiring us to do something:

“Don’t forget to ask: Is this really the life I want? Every time you get upset, a little bit of life leaves the body. Are these really the things on which you want to spend that priceless resource? Don’t be afraid to make a change – a big one!”

– by The Daily Stoic (from the February 12th day, page 52)

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