morning babble / Sunday 3-14-21

A couple “I’m sorrys” before starting:

  1. I just didn’t feel like talking about my battle with Facebook today. When doing the video, I felt myself becoming too angry and this is not meant for that. I want it to be fun. However, as an FYI, I am still out at Facebook – 6th day of exile
  2. Also, I sooooo should have warned you yesterday about Daylight Savings Time again.  Anymore though, everything just adjusts on its own to DST except for that one kitchen clock that takes a battery. As a kid, this was the one Sunday of the year that we had the best shot at missing church. Between the two Daylight Savings Time occurrences, this “spring” forward one is the most troublesome. Every year on the Monday after the switch, hospitals report a 24% spike in heart-attack visits around the US. You just can’t be messing with people’s sleep schedules. Our bodies may not fully recover from the time shift for weeks, but the tragic heart attack trend only lasts about a day. Here’s the article.

Like that mug in the video? Then, click here to purchase one.

Also, I haven’t run yet today – so, I’m stuck on 72. However, I’m hoping to go outside later and get my 5k on (FYI – I did). Tomorrow (Monday). . . I’ll be doing this vlog after the treadmill run and you’ll see the tally skip up to 74.


  • Last night, I posted a picture on Instagram. I was listening to my new Trick of the Tail album that I purchased last week. In addition, I was enjoying some Elijah Craig bourbon whiskey. And finally, I was reading Brzrkr – the new comic that Keanu Reeves is a part of. Issue #1. Bigger than bitcoin and NFTs, right?
  • Also, I was flipping through my Walter Isaacson book on Benjamin Franklin since I heard him on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Isaacson has a new book out. Oh man . . . my reading wish list keeps growing. Anyway though – I truly enjoyed this one on old Ben.

“He that lives on hope . . . dies farting*” – by Ben Franklin. * changed to “fasting” later. The first edition might have been a misprint. Courtesy of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Benjamin Franklin (page 99)

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