morning babble / Monday 3-22-21

Whew – Spring just got here and I’m already feeling the allergy season. Now, I know that I say I do the monthly 3 day fasts to help control my allergies and it does. It’s not perfect, but I’m not popping Claritin D pills like M&Ms, which is a good thing. I’m yet to have one this year. Although Walgreens reminds me to still get the stuff with their drug pushing coupons – $4 off available until 4/7. FYI – Buying just birthday cards – I got that coupon.

Birthday Month!

One week ago – it was my brother-in-law Nick’s birthday

Yesterday – it was my sister-in-law Julie’s birthday

And today – it’s my father-in-law Randy’s birthday. The man also known as G-Dog to my kids – Coolest granddaddy name that I know of. FYI – I know there are other family birthdays this month, too. So – Happy Birthday to all of you, too. I mean, everyone’s is this month – My wife was earlier is in the month and mine is this Saturday (best for last).

I finished a book . . . finally! Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep is done!

I ran! #81 in the books. Streak continues along with the daily vlogging – thank you for tolerating me. I really do appreciate it.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – by someone

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