morning babble / Tuesday 3-23-21

blah, blah, blah – this is my scribble before the clean-up

Conspiracy theory – tired of them
1) Flat earth – not round, but still flat.

2) Biden is really Trump and Trump is really Biden. Yup, just like that movie Face Off – starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage

3) Rivers Cuomo is Kurt Cobain. It was funny – I was listening to a podcast with Rick Rubin called Broken Record and he had Rivers Cuomo on. Just for the people who don’t know. Rivers is with Weezer. Cobain was with Nirvana . . . until he killed himself. Or did he? Anyway, with the podcast, Rick Rubin interviewed Cuomo as if he was Cobain – just as a joke. But – I can just see where that would breathe some life into that conspiracy, too.

Enjoy the Now moment – One of my favorite parts of my day yesterday was picking up my daughter from school. Schedules recently changed for the Spring until the end of the school year and every Monday, I get to pick her up. She makes me feel like the greatest person in the world because I’m just picking her up. Right away in the Jeep, she announced, I can’t wait for you to get me next Monday. I am so glad that I get to that. Favorite, wonderful memories being made.

I ran! / I vlogged! / 82 in a row

“People hold onto conspiracy theories for the same reason they root for the underdog in sports, or they pick the most obscure film or band to be their favorite music, or they try to join secret clubs—the exclusivity grants them a feeling of importance.” by Mark Manson

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