morning babble / Wednesday 3-24-21

blah, blah, blah – this is the morning scribble of my babble – clean up still needed.

Busy day . . . South Jersey day. In a certain section, I lose internet and phone connection for like 3 to 4 hours. As soon as I leave that area, my phone blows up with voicemail message and text messages. I then know I’m back in the real world.

I ran #83 and I’m vlogging – but . . .

I feel like a jerk. Let me explain what happened in me getting an early birthday gift.

Handmade gift from Molly Alexandra

Tangent. Garmin watch gripe. Wants me to get up and move when . . . I just got up and MOVED! πŸ™‚ All good.

β€œβ€œHe who laughs has joy. The very soul must be happy and confident, lifted above every circumstance.” — Seneca

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