morning babble / Thursday 3-25-21

Six Days in June by the Fratellis – that’s the first song that I’ve been listening to every morning when I sit down here at the desk. The moment that I hear the beginning piano notes – something just clicks. I know that I need to try and talk “real good.” For new music Friday – tomorrow, I’ll pass along via Spotify my Morning Babble playlist, but . . . it constantly changes and it’s all over the place.

Something magical happened yesterday – with Worcestershire. (watch video)

Last June, I began this 52 Meals Challenge (Yes – I’m behind with the posts, but I have more coming!) Next real time challenge coming is Moqueca – Brazilian seafood stew. AND – Moqueca is the new blue card!

I ran, I vlogged – 84!

Change the “got to” to “get to”. Instead of “I got to write tonight” change to “I get to write tonight” – said by a lot of people

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