Books on a Sunday – Emmanuel Acho, Austin Kleon via Ali Abdaal / Remembering Watership Down

morning babble / Sunday 05-16-21

I slept in! Hit the 8 hour mark, too! I’m trying to get better with that.


  • First up – I finally finished this one from Emmanuel Acho – Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Initially, I had planned on doing a deep dive into this, but personally I don’t feel comfortable enough with the topics laid out in this book. I don’t want to mess up. I don’t want to hurt anyone if I say something ignorantly. I have nothing bad to say about the book, but just because I read it and have some of my closest friends who are black, it doesn’t mean I can really do a legit talk on some of these topics. I do believe that every one should give it a read and this part, I will state loudly: White people – you especially – give it a read. All of us need to keep learning, keep listening, and keep talking to one another.
  • Whew – every one still with me? Let’s keep going.
  • This past week, I was talking about the use of “Great Caesar’s Ghost” and other kid friendly F-bomb usage. Someone then commented on a video of mine from the other day via YouTube (click here for that) about how they use the Sun God from Watership Down by Richard Adams. Frith is the rabbit’s Sun God. So, if you stub that toe – “Oh, Frith!” I like that. It also made me dig up my copy of Watership Down which I read back in 7th or 8th grade. My signature from back in the day is up front in the book. About 20 years as a grown man, I read it all over again. I don’t think I’m starting it up again today, but the book has been pulled. We shall see.
  • I follow Ali Abdaal with his YouTube channel as well as Instagram. The other day, he explained how he has on his desk the book from Austin Kleon – Steal Like an Artist. This is his go-to book to help kick him in the butt or push himself along. I have on my desk the Steven Pressfield book – The War of Art – as well as Jocko Willink’s Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual. I’m anxious to dig into Steal Like an Artist since it’s been on my wish list for awhile and I want to see if it also joins my other go-to books on my desk.

Current books that I’m reading:

“Change your thoughts and change your world.” – by Norman Vincent Peale

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