Flossing tip / Soap competitors arrived / Cold shower challenge – via Wim Hof & Matt D’Avella

morning babble / Monday 05-17-21

Back at it on a Monday! I actually have a dentist appointment today. Fun. Who flosses? Here’s my tip. Put dental floss in the shower. Please join me in this good habit. I still remember the blank stares on the dentist and hygienist when I told them I do that. I don’t want to be alone on this one and it does help remind you to do it! Just don’t be leaving the used floss in the shower – that’s nasty.

Speaking of the shower – I got both competitors for my Soap Competition! Details coming!

  1. Dr. Bronners – Almond Bar
  2. Happy Nuts – Not Blue Balls

Another shower idea that I’m pondering – Cold Showers. Wim Hof recently did a 20 day cold shower challenge on Instagram. The Iceman does all kinds of unbelievable cold events. Be sure to check him out. Click here for his Instagram.

Someone that I follow all the time is Matt D’Avella, who did a cold shower for 30 days. He’s done all kinds of 30 day challenges and has all kinds of tips with minimalism. However, to see his cold shower video, click here.

“The limit is not the sky. The limit is the mind.” – by Wim Hof

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