Happy Daddy’s Day / Books on a Sunday w/ David Goggins, Josh Waitzkin, Chase Jarvis/ Daily Dad quote

morning babble / Sunday 06-20-21

Happy Father’s Day! If you got ’em – go enjoy ’em! Kids, Dads, Family, Whatever – just go and enjoy them! For some people out there, they are without their dads today. Some for the first time. Thinking about you, Melissa Marucci. Love you, girl.

I didn’t run . .. yet. 171st run is happening out on the trails right after this 171st Babble

Almost dressed for the run, too. BUT – with the Shirt Drawer Clean-out – I was trying on this Star Wars shirt again which I believe was a Father’s Day gift many years ago. Keeping it!


  • David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me – that was an unbelievable book. At times, I wanted to have the actual book itself because of all the good nuggets he was spewing out. But, I really do think that this was an ideal book to get and listen to. Narrator was awesome and then at the end of each chapter, it was like a mini podcast between the narrator and David Goggins. So, you got all this extra knowledge and really hear his thoughts on everything.
  • Next up on the audio book front – Josh Waitzkin with The Art of Learning. I’ve heard Josh be interviewed by Tim Ferriss before. His stories are amazing and I enjoy the sound of his voice, so since he’s the narrator, too – I went audio for this book.
  • Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis – I’ve pulled this one off the shelf and looking at my notes more. His recent podcasts have really connected with me. Not quite sure why, I’ve always liked what he’s done, but recently – all in.

“Look at Every Moment with Your Child as a Gift.” – by Ryan Holiday via his Daily Dad newsletter

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