Quote Board Revealed! / Remembering Christian Slater – don’t worry, he’s still here

morning babble / Saturday 07-03-21

Happy Saturday, but I didn’t run yet. #184 will happen out on the trails shortly. Looking forward to feeling that cooler, less humid air. HOWEVER – this IS the 184th vlog.

Anyway – so, whoa . . . my day changed yesterday. Hit some rough patches in the afternoon and I didn’t get the chance to take my cold shower . . . in the afternoon. We as a family went over to a friend’s house and we didn’t get back until late. Just minutes before midnight, I finally was able to take my cold shower. Just like Day 1 – I would have been out of that shower again early if it wasn’t for the timer I got – only 2:11 into the 5 minute shower when I was done and clean. But – I did it and did the full 5. Before the shower, I carried my daughter directly from the Jeep to her bed. She whispered, “I’m too tired daddy. I’ll mark the calendar tomorrow.” Made me smile so big.

Speaking of my daughter, she had quite a night last night. At one point, the daddies took the kiddos to go get some Rita’s. We then stayed for the upcoming fireworks. The mommies were happy to be back at the house with their beverage of choice – wine. Anyway, my daughter walked up and made friends with another little girl who was there with her mom and a girlfriend of hers. So, at one point, it’s me and these two ladies and the two little girls. Other Brent (both daddies are named Brent) is with our boys peeking over at me and basically wishing me good luck. I felt so awkward. At a number of points, the other little girl is like I’ll give your daddy my mommy’s phone number. I’m thinking “there’s no need for that.” Not to mention, at one point, the other little girl explained how her daddy was a wrestling champion. I didn’t need that. No numbers were exchanged. The little girls did set up a date though. Next year – for the fireworks night in Hockessin, they want to go to that Rita’s together. We’ll see you then, Lilly.

Anyway, a busy night out meant that we didn’t get to watch the Loki series and have our pizza, wings, and beer (for me). We have to see that at some point this weekend. Love that Marvel stuff. Speaking of which in a slight tangent, did you see how a Chris Evans tweet had a Mr. Christian Slater trending. Being a mancrush of mine in the 90s (yup), I was scared that he had died or something. No fear, he’s still here. I haven’t really had a favorite Slater watch in a while, but it did bring up two memories of two of my favorite movies of all-time: Pump up the Volume and True Romance / Everyone knows Heathers though, but I’ll take those other two. Bring on some more, Mr. Slater!

Quote of the Day BOARD – revealed! Go watch the video below.

“Feeling screwed up, at a screwed up time, in a screwed up place, does not necessarily make you – screwed up” – via Christian Slater playing Mark Hunter in Pump Up the Volume

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