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morning babble / Monday 07-05-21

Back at it on a Monday – some people working / some people not. My wife and I are working a little bit. Also, my monthly 3 day fast will not be beginning tonight – that’s next Monday the 12th. I had pushed it back because of the 4th of July weekend and not knowing what might be in story following it. Gives me a little more time to ready the ship (me) for the 3 day fast.

Speaking of the 4th, we actually got home a little early after a fun-filled day at the pool and eating crabs! Delish. No fireworks in the middle of a field with a ton of bug spray. But – our neighbors decided to play fireworks late last night. Fun (not really). Since my kids swam hard, they slept through it. Since my dogs are old and deaf, they did too. Meanwhile, my wife and I just cringed through it. The fireworks sounded like they were being set off in front of our windows – thanks Team Neighborhood!

I ran. #186 of 5K runs. Today was on the treadmill, but the past two runs were out on the trails. BUT – I came back with not so nice numbers. Bummed me out. If someone wants to run and help push me on a weekend outside run, feel free to contact me. Steady 7 minute miles or better. If you need the pushing . . . I can do that, too. Hit me up.

I still need to confirm some upcoming races to sign up for. I’m looking at:

  1. Sunday, October 3rd Bellefonte Brewery5k
  2. University of Delaware Homecoming 5k run – sometime in October
  3. 49th Annual Turkey Trot run on Saturday, November 20th

Also, I’m working on a charity idea . . . we’ll see.

“We believe we don’t have enough time when really we don’t have enough focus.” – by Mark Manson

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