Scaring people on the trails, end up like Family Guy character/ 3 Day fast – 2nite/ Seth Godin quote

morning babble / Monday 07-12-21

Back at it on a Monday. I ran – #193 of 5k runs this year. The goal is through January 1st. Big date this week that I’ll hopefully surpass on Thursday. More on that . . . on Thursday. Yesterday, I did hit the trails for run #192. A lot of people on the trails, which means a lot of turning around on my part. You see . . . well, maybe you don’t, but when I run, I only have one ear filled with “tunage.” I don’t want to be that guy who doesn’t hear the cry for help or the scream of “look out – bear!” However, I keep turning around because I don’t like coming up on people with two ears filled with something and they don’t hear me coming. Too many people I can visually see that they have a spray in hand or stick. Who knows who has a knife or other weapon. Anyway, I don’t need to startle anyone and end up like a Family Guy character on the ground and with my arm behind my back.

Family Guy Cut – go watch the video!

Did you see that? At the end, whenever one of their characters falls, dies, or whatever, arm behind the back. Makes me laugh every time. Thank my brother, Keith, for pointing that out to me in the very beginning of Family Guy life.

Anyway, I also cold-showered last night. 11 days down.

Lots of numbers today – 3 day fast begins tonight after dinner. Hoping to start and end the meal early – like by 5:30pm? Then, the fast can end at 5:30pm on Thursday!

“Don’t try to be the ‘next’. Instead, try to be the other, the change, the new.” – by Seth Godin

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