Tied a personal run record! / Jon Acuff on Chase Jarvis podcast / 3 day fast ends 2nite!

morning babble / Thursday 07-15-21

This is the scribble that helps with the babble

Day 3 of the 3 Day Fast – I’m feeling it and will definitely need to pace myself today. I did not do my 50 / 50 /50 today.

Jon Acuff was on the Chase Jarvis podcast. Thoroughly enjoying that. Already subscribed to Acuff’s podcast . . . just this morning. He has like 7 books. I know I’ve had him on wish lists before but I’ve allowed them to drop off. I must go back.

Anyway, I ran and it was rough. Number 196 of 5k runs for the year. AND, I actually tied a personal record. Tomorrow on the 16th, my big sister’s birthday, I will break it. Let me explain. I tried this very same thing 2 years ago – 5k every day. Today – two years ago – I hurt my knee afterwards. I was taking Jiu-jitsu at the time.

No Loki last night, but maybe tonight / I did buy some fancy beer last night for the fasting breakage (is that a word?). 6:35pm tonight – popping one open!


“Too much planning is a trap. Don’t fall into it. Instead of trying to plot out the perfect novel before you start writing, accept that it’ll take a few shitty drafts to get things sorted out and just start writing. Play. Enjoy the process.” – by Chase Jarvis – Creative Calling (page 169)

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