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morning babble / Saturday 07-17-21

Welcome to Saturday. Sad news last night though in the musical world. We lost Biz Markie. They called him the Clown Prince of Hip-Hop. He was only 57. We’re all just friends.

Let’s hit the numbers. I ran. #198 of 5k runs. And yes, it’s day 198 of 2021. Monday #200!

I cold-showered last night. Over the hump for the month. 16 down. #17 later tonight.

Sorry in a rush here. Last swim meet of the summer for my son. Aww. 🙂 Every one rushing around here. During my getting dressed routine in the dark, the dogs were more than ready to get outside before I was done the act. So, I grabbed my shirt and took them down to the basement and out the back door. Neighbor was up and waved to me awkwardly . . . I’m guessing because I didn’t have a shirt on. I had pants. But you know, if I was at the shore or beach – all good. Not at my house though. Unless I’m doing yard work. Actually, I’m not one of those type of guys. Need me to pick up sticks from last night’s storm. I’ll get ’em. Need me to water the plants. On it. I wear a shirt on the trails too. Would have had a nip rip if I one on last weekend. Hoping to get outside tomorrow for a run.

Wow – babble is happening. I’ll answer one question.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – Are you still cooking? Yes, but no. Go watch the video for now – update later.

“Remember: You choose to let things bother you. You can just as easily choose not to notice the irritating offender, to consider the matter trivial and unworthy of your interest. That is the powerful move.” – by Robert Greene

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