“Third” Kid / Fired Captain did a Cafe Cubano via the Moka Pot / Seth Godin book reviewed

morning babble / Sunday 07-18-21

We got third kid at the house today, so timing is a little off with everything.

#199 run will take place on the trails shortly which I’m excited about – it’s nice out!

Cold-showered last night – 17 down, 14 to go!

Moka Pot story with the fired captain. My friend (and business partner) bought a boat in Florida and wanted to ride it up the East Coast to get it home. The captain that he hired flattened the propeller by hitting a sand bed? Immediately, I went from enjoying beverage and writing my book to being Gilligan – not good for my friend. Prior to his dismissal, this fired captain made an incredible espresso drink which I just found a recipe for!

Cuban Coffee (aka Cafe Cubano) is a super-sweet coffee made with whipped sugar and strong coffee or espresso. The whipped sugar rises to the top to form a thick, foamy layer that resembles crema. This layer, called “espuma”, is made of whipped sugar. Super easy, super delicious. Moka pots are frequently used to brew the coffee needed for this recipe.

Watch that video for more explanations and story tellings.


I finally finished Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. Here are 3 quick hits of the book that I liked. FYI – there’s a whole lot more, but I just wanted to pull out some highlights.

1) What you say isn’t nearly as important as what others say about you

2) Great marketing is the generous and audacious work of saying, “I see a better alternative; come with me.”

3) Pick a logo, don’t spend a ton of money or have a lot of meetings about it, and keep it for as long as you keep your first name.

“You’re doing it wrong, but at least you’re doing it. Once you’re doing it, you have a chance to do it better. Waiting for perfect means not starting.” – by Seth Godin – get his newsletter by signing up here.

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