Day 2 of 3 Day Fast / NFT dreaming on the treadmill – #342 of 5K runs / Twain quote

morning babble / Wednesday 12-08-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

NFTs – listening to a podcast with Gary Vee / Read an article on Avenged Sevenfold / The problem is the FOMO

Funny thing – hear about the videos of people weighing themselves on their phone.

Day 2 of the 3 Day Fast

I ran #342 of the 5Ks this year. Countdown to Three Sixty-Six continues.

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why.” – by Mark Twain via the Twitter account of Joseph Gordon-Levitt / 2nd time I went to him. Back on 8/28, “Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.” 

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