LoCARB / MEATy May – 5/13/22

-11.4 lbs (last weigh-in 5/13 compared to 5/1 weigh-in)

Fast broken: 12:25pm

Push-up Challenge = 14 (last done on 5/8)

What did I eat today?


Black Coffee – 4 (1 cup = 4 oz)


4 Egg Omelet with Mexican Blend cheese, Ham, and Salsa


Pork Rinds – a good amount

Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso (a treat via Starbucks)

Cup of frozen blueberries

Snack pack of Black Olives


12+ Wings from Valle’s Pizza – wonderful!

Another Pomegranate Lime Tequila Fizz Drink

(3) IPAs – yeah . . . I was chilling a lot in the library

Late Night Snacks

Snack pack of Black Olives (I was soooooooo good here. I could have done sooooooo much damage, but I didn’t!)

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