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morning babble / Thursday 09-29-22

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Hoping everyone is okay in Florida with Hurricane Ian / Last night it was learned that we lost Hip-Hop artist Coolio at the age of 59. My son had not too long ago played the junk out of “Gangsta’s Paradise” – it was to the point that I think I heard it more with my son than back in the day when it was a huge hit. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but just know it was a lot.

94 days until EXIT PLAN

With “New Music Friday” coming tomorrow . . . I really begin digging into some new stuff that’s trickling out right now. I also follow Pitchfork which helps me with a lot of the new music. BUT – just yesterday, they released their list of the 150 Best Albums of the 90s. That’s all me. So, I got lost into the list and confused. It’s like All-Star selections . . . someone is always snubbed. So – here’s my little commentary.

  1. They covered Hip-Hop and did it well. A Tribe Called Quest made the list twice with one of their albums holding the #9 spot. AND – I absolutely applaud the #2 album being Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  2. They also listed some of the artists that we lost too soon like Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley.
  3. The obscure was played out too much – Neutral Milk Hotel made the list. I like that album, but on the top 150? This occurred throughout – all the way to the #1 album spot, which went to My Bloody Valentine with their Loveless album
  4. Where’s the grunge? Nirvana landed twice / Soundgarden sneaked in at #148 / No Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, or Alice in Chains. AND – this one really bothered me – at #8 it was Hole’s Live Through This album. How is Courney Love going to be higher than Nirvana’s Nevermind album which came in at #10.
  5. Personally, Beck should have been higher – Odelay is an amazing album – #1 for me.

BUT – when all was said and done – thank you, Pitchfork. You made me remember some albums that I had forgotten and gave me some happy thoughts – that’s what it’s all about.

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“Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon.” – by Coolio

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