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morning babble / Friday 01-13-23

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Ahhhh, Friday the 13th. Nothing scary here – just me in full color.

Quick Fasting Recap / I wrapped up my 3 Day Fast on Thursday night with a beverage from 2SP Brewing Company and a hoagie from Wawa. Nothing fancy but delicious still. The boy had a swim meet and the wife had a class – it was the easiest solution and I would have eaten anything at that point, too. Sad thing is that I got home and patiently had to wait 30 minutes until I could eat. I always use the Zero app when doing the fast – great articles there as well about fasting.

I mentioned this past Monday, but a good show to see about fasting and if you have Disney+ is the 3rd episode of Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Actually, all the shows are good, but the 3rd one is about Fasting. It also has one of my favorite doctors to listen to via podcast : Peter Attia in it. But again, it does have Chris Hemsworth, who does take off his shirt. (clip)

New Music Friday:

A reminder – I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and as well as thought about for today’s New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • On Thursday, Miley Cyrus dropped the song, “Flowers” – it’s the first one from her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation. We’re supposed to get it all on March 10th. Speaking of getting it all – you get a whole lot of Miley in the video that dropped as well (clip). That’s a fun video. I didn’t play the naughtier scenes, but you get the gist with that clip. With the song, I really enjoyed the overall sound as well as the lyrics. Love yourself. Again March 10th. Sounding good and looking good.
  • Next up – the band – Måneskin (Moan-Ah-Skin) – dropped a new single. Real quick though before we get to that song – how do you say that band name? It’s a Danish word meaning “Moonlight”, but they’re an Italian band. While most American fans pronounce “Måneskin” as “man-eh-skin” or “mahn-eh-skin,” the band revealed to CNN that the correct pronunciation is actually “Moan-Ah-Skin.” That said, they weren’t and aren’t offended if you say it differently. have just unveiled a brand-new single, GOSSIP. Featuring the one and only Tom Morello, (clip) I’m really liking the sound of that one. I’ve been a fan of their past work and look forward to their full album drop – next Friday, the 20th – and it’s called Rush
  • And on to the next one – Released in accordance with what would have been David Bowie ’s 75th birthday (Jan 8th), Spoon shared a cover of “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” the closing track on Bowie’s final album Blackstar. (clip) Wonderfully done. This got me curious if another album from Spoon was on the horizon. I realize that they might not put that one on it, but the boys are obviously hanging out, making music. Do another album. Also, I have officially added to my personal list of vinyl that I need to get – Lucifer on the Sofa which came out last year in February.
  • Lastly – a Breaking & Entering artist for myself – Jared James Nichols. Bluesy sound – the single being pushed today reminded me of the Michigan band – Greta Van Fleet. Definitely has a classic rock sound to him – like Cream. Anyway, the song is called “Easy Come, Easy Go.” (clip) Today, we also get the whole album – self titled – so, just remember the name Jared James Nichols and you got it. Plus, he also has a couple past albums that I’m excited about listening to as well.

Thank you to Spotify, Apple Music, uDiscoverMusic, Pitchfork & I know there’s more.

I didn’t want to open the Babble today with this, but on Thursday, we did lose singer-songwriter and the only child of Elvis Presley – Lisa Marie Presley. She was only 54. “Enjoy the Now” everybody

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“Life’s too short to sit through songs you don’t love.”by Mark Hoppus of Blink-182

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