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morning babble / Monday 03-20-23

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Checked something off my Bucket List – nothing too fancy – but, I finally got a drink brought to me while on the beach.
Sadly, I’ve never had that until now.


It’s Monday – when I like to talk about setting up some goals and then knocking ’em down.

“Make it a good day” / Couple weeks ago, I talked about holding the door for someone. At my nearby Dunkin – that happens numerous times and gives me hope for humanity.

However, prior to our trip, we had to go to DC in order to get our passports updated. I realize that the job these people have can’t be a good one and they undoubtedly deal with a bunch of wingnuts. BUT – it’s the purposeful animosity that is already present along with the setting you up for failure. We dealt with two separate mush mouths who were visibly frustrated when we were like, “What?” . . . or I believe my wife said, “I’m sorry but excuse me?” They were mad at the start and then they set us up to get even madder. Now – enough of the negative talk.

Later – my wife and I had to kill some time because the little blue book that they were going to create for us was going to take 4 hours!


So, we went to a nice restaurant for some lunch and our waitress had amazing energy and truly enjoyed her vibe. My wife and I truly needed that. At the end, we obviously tipped her well for the good job that she did, but I also asked her back to the table at the end of it all and went on to say, “Thanks for being you today. My wife and I really needed what you were sending off. Keep that vibe going.”

So, yes – hold doors for people, but when someone is doing a good job, be sure to let them know. Too often, the only time we speak up is to complain. Go forth and compliment.

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“Remember that a good plan should resemble a movie script.” – by Ray Dalio

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