Wife was away, so it was Comics and Books and Records, oh my! / Fast begins tonight / Snoop Dogg quote

morning babble / Monday 05-22-23

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Happy Monday!

Wife was away this weekend . . . so, what did me and the kids do to get ourselves into trouble? Well, we shopped in the little city of Newark, DE.

Captain Blue Hen Comics – we picked up our subscription order. Everybody loves Batman. (picture) Everybody.

Next – Rainbow Records – I was hoping for the newest album from The National (clip) all in on that new sound, but they didn’t have it. Sold out of it with more coming later this week. My daughter asked the woman at the counter for any Lindsey Stirling records – they did not have that either. Every time in there, I’m going to let her ask. One day – they’ll have one and I’ll get it right then and there. We were just done perusing the story and about to leave, when my daughter asked about Taylor Swift, who she has been way into lately. Understandably so with all the recent hype of her visiting the area for her concerts.

My son wanted Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album – I was close, but couldn’t do that one. It’s tough going with some of the Hip-Hop albums or Hard Rock albums with the in your face language. We got Snoop on Record Store Day – made it about 10 seconds in and was like “I’m not sure about this right now” – let it go for another 10 to 15 seconds and was like “We Out” – gotta wait to the little girl is not home.

Also, we hit up Barnes & Noble because we had won a gift card. Got them each a book.


Talking about setting up some goals and knocking them down – just for the week

3-Day Fast – highlight the zero app again

13th University of Delaware Blue Hen 5k – all signed up. Make my first public appearance competing as a 50-year-old.

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“Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen. It teaches you what you should have done.” – by Snoop Dogg

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