Remembering Father’s Day / Oatmeal in Cookie Form for Breakfast / Dr. Seuss quote – maybe?

morning babble / Monday 06-21-21

Back at it on a Monday and I didn’t wanna. And you know what – that’s okay. But – you still gotta do it. That’s the difference from being 5 years old and all grown up.

Its was a wonderful Father’s Day / I received a card from my daughter with another “I love ‘yo’ Dad” in it / Got to see my Dad for an early morning java / My wife made an incredible brunch for her dad and I at our place. No, we didn’t have a Charcuterie Board, but I totally won with the brunch that was had. We were stuffed and just sat all afternoon. We then bailed on our dinner idea, but then rallied for a dessert dinner. I got this $11 Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake. I powered through it.

On that note – I ran! 172 runs / babbles

Still doing the 50 / 50 /50 – but, a new “fresh” card was needed. Post-it died .

Lastly, Cecil has the short I wrote – Banging the Door! And he’s not talking to me. No – I sent it to him last night and any Sixers fan doesn’t really have kind things to say after that disaster on the court. Hey, maybe we don’t have to watch Ben Simmons brick those free throws anymore. I did like Cecil’s comment of “Sixers in 9”

Go have your oatmeal in cookie form today!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, but because it happened” – by Dr. Seuss . . . or someone

Happy Daddy’s Day / Books on a Sunday w/ David Goggins, Josh Waitzkin, Chase Jarvis/ Daily Dad quote

morning babble / Sunday 06-20-21

Happy Father’s Day! If you got ’em – go enjoy ’em! Kids, Dads, Family, Whatever – just go and enjoy them! For some people out there, they are without their dads today. Some for the first time. Thinking about you, Melissa Marucci. Love you, girl.

I didn’t run . .. yet. 171st run is happening out on the trails right after this 171st Babble

Almost dressed for the run, too. BUT – with the Shirt Drawer Clean-out – I was trying on this Star Wars shirt again which I believe was a Father’s Day gift many years ago. Keeping it!


  • David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me – that was an unbelievable book. At times, I wanted to have the actual book itself because of all the good nuggets he was spewing out. But, I really do think that this was an ideal book to get and listen to. Narrator was awesome and then at the end of each chapter, it was like a mini podcast between the narrator and David Goggins. So, you got all this extra knowledge and really hear his thoughts on everything.
  • Next up on the audio book front – Josh Waitzkin with The Art of Learning. I’ve heard Josh be interviewed by Tim Ferriss before. His stories are amazing and I enjoy the sound of his voice, so since he’s the narrator, too – I went audio for this book.
  • Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis – I’ve pulled this one off the shelf and looking at my notes more. His recent podcasts have really connected with me. Not quite sure why, I’ve always liked what he’s done, but recently – all in.

“Look at Every Moment with Your Child as a Gift.” – by Ryan Holiday via his Daily Dad newsletter

Learned Juneteenth via Grant book/ One song run w/ Box Car Racer’s “I Feel So” / Casey Neistat quote /

morning babble / Saturday 06-19-21

Happy Saturday! We’ve got a weekend non-stop holidays. Today, it’s officially Juneteenth – which is now officially recognized as a federal holiday – about time. I first really learned about Juneteenth when I was reading Ron Chernow’s Grant. I remember thinking back then – what are we doing? Why is this taking so long! But, ANYWAY – tomorrow’s holiday is, of course, Daddy’s Day.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – First up, deals with running. So, real quick – I ran on the trails today and the number now sits at 170 runs (and babbles) for the year. The official question was “What song from Box Car Racer would you even think of running to?” – I love the one album that this band put out and it’s actually 2/3 of Blink-182 during that moment of time (Tom DeLonge & Travis Barker). AND – the song that I did in fact listen to on repeat today was “I Feel So”. As mentioned the other morning (6/16): I learned about this via “Ryan Holiday – The Daily Stoic Podcast / He had a runner on (Dean Karnazes) and they were talking about what they listen to during a run. Holiday says that he listens to just one song over and over again on repeat. Similar process that he does with writing.” In turn, I have also created a playlist for writing with only one song. All I’m saying for now is that it’s a song from INXS. Love that band and miss that Michael Hutchence – remember, “sexy tough”.
  • Question #2 – Did you really get the Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique on vinyl? Yes, I did. I show you in the Babble video below.
  • Questions #3 – “What are you and your family watching on Friday nights – do you know about Loki? Yes and that is, in fact, what we are watching right now during our Friday night pizza, wings, and beer (for me) dinner in front of the TV. Tom Hiddleston plays that Loki role so good. AND – you get Owen Wilson in there too. Great show, great cast. Only get 4 more episodes are coming at us. Two in and loving it!

“When you have kids, there’s always a reason to do something. Reach further. Do more. Be better.” – by Casey Neistat via Ryan Holiday’s Daily Dad newsletter

New Music Friday w/ Tom DeLonge – DaBaby – Griff / Shirt Drawer Clean-Out / Suns out, guns out?

morning babble / Friday 06-18-21

Shirt Drawer Clean-Out – First shirt out that will make it back into the drawer is the Invisible Tour shirt from Genesis. I didn’t go – it was like 1987? It was gifted to me from my big sis, Kristen, and brother-in-law, Barry. However, I did go to the We Can’t Dance tour, which was a little bit later in time. This year, Genesis is doing “The Last Domino?” tour / Phil can’t climb behind the drum kit anymore, so his son Nicholas Collins will be on drum duty.

Current shorts are found on my website under Droplet of Life – already up is “Safety First” and “The Final Gift of Beau Brummel”. Coming very soon – “Banging the Door”

And – on that note – I ran. 169. Hehe. Yeah, I’m a boy. 169 runs / 169 babbles

New Music Friday:

  • Tyler, the Creator has announced his new album, Call Me If You Get Lost, is arriving next Friday, June 25. So, this past week, we got Lumberjack – a quick hit song – just over 1 minute. Got a video too – click here.
  • Earlier this year in January, we got “Masterpiece” from DaBaby. Well, he has released his second solo single of 2021. “Ball If I Want To” and there’s a fun video to go along with it – click here for that. Cheerleading squad, high school setting, and a giant baby mascot – diaper and all.
  • Griff – she’s new to me. I’ve heard her songs “Black Hole” and “One Foot in Front of the Other”. Isn’t that a Christmas song? (Watch that “Babble” video found below) Sorry. Anyway. “Shade of Yellow” is out now. I really enjoyed the chill sound to it.
  • More than three years removed from his last album, Good Thing, Mr. Leon Bridges just released his third song from his upcoming album, Gold-Diggers Sound – out fully on July 23rd. We already got “Sweeter” and “Motorbike,” and now, we got “Why Don’t You Touch Me.” Not quite like the earlier videos I listed – but here’s the video.
  • Lastly, Angels and Airwaves have released a new song, “Restless Souls,” from their upcoming album, Lifeforms, out September 24th. This is the band that’s headed by former Blink dude – Tom DeLonge who is way into space and aliens and all kinds of fun. Good music always comes out of him too though.

“In learning, you will teach; and in teaching, you will learn.” – by Phil Collins

Ahhh – Friday Eve! / Organizing the shirt drawer / French dude – Albert Camus

morning babble / Thursday 06-17-21

Gotta get to work . . . lotta scribble, but the babble is there!

The post-it is working. Starting to get a little crumpled up because I throw a towel over it during the run on the mill. BUT – I have done my 50/50/50 the past three days.

I ran – 168 runs / 168 babbles

Shirt editing – remove it all from the drawer. Declutter that junk drawer in the kitchen or even better the utensil drawer of the kitchen. Empty it out and then see what you truly use or . . . in my case, wear.

“Did you know that chairs were originally invented to hold clothes that were too dirty for the drawer but too clean for the hamper and then people starting sitting on them?” Funny tweet that I still Googled.

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t be able to sit for a month.” – by Albert Camus

1 song on repeat: Box Car Racer?/ “After X, I will Y” Greg McKeown/ Quote via Tim Ferriss via Naval

morning babble / Wednesday 06-16-21

It’s amazing how loose my hat is the day after I shave my head. There’s not much up there, but it makes a difference with keeping the hat snug. Also, clipped my nails – both fingers and toes. Getting ready for my Jiu-Jitsu roll tomorrow afternoon.

Ryan Holiday – The Daily Stoic Podcast / He had a runner on (Dean Karnazes) and they were talking about what they listen to during a run. Holiday says that he listens to just one song over and over again on repeat. Similar process that he does with writing. It got me thinking about which song would I listen to on repeat. I think I have one from Box Car Racer.

On the Tim Ferriss Podcast was Greg McKeown who wrote Essentialism. FYI – he has a new book out now too – it’s Effortless. They were discussing what he had learned from BJ Fogg.   “After I complain, I will say something I’m thankful for.”  After X, I will Y. The reason to do this – You can have so many good things happening, but you focus on some thing that isn’t going right. This helps you remember all the good that’s happening!

“If you wouldn’t work with them for a lifetime, then don’t work with them for 5 minutes.” – via Tim Ferriss paraphrasing Naval

Happy Birthday, Elliott! / Charcuterie Board for Father’s Day? / Zeno quote

morning babble / Tuesday 06-15-21

A whole lotta scribble led to a glorious babble.

First things first – Happy Birthday to my son, Elliott. He turns 12 at 5:55pm. That means – during the 4pm hour, when he’s getting shot, he’s still 11. Shhhhhh.

Someone noticed that I’m wearing my old work hat again. I washed it though . . . in the washer . . . not the dishwasher. Watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

166 runs / 166 babbles! 50 / 50 / 50 returns – all because of a Post-It! I need to keep doing more because I’m trying to ready myself for BJJ.

Did some writing last night. That was big. Organized stuff. Under 100 emails. Fixing up a short. Organizing the chapters of the book.

“Better to trip with the feet than with the tongue” – by Zeno

Talking Goals & Helping Out / Incredible album via Black Pumas / Beautiful book via Charlie Mackesy

morning babble / Monday 06-14-21

Back at it on a Monday! I ran. It hurt a little. Yesterday’s run, #164 was out on the trails – late in the afternoon. Nearly 12 hours later, #165 was on the mill. Feeling it. Good hurt though. So, that’s a lot of 5k runs in a row. Goal is getting through January 1st – 2022.

Quick side note – talking about records a lot these past couple days because of Saturday’s record store day (next one is July 17th), new records that I bought, but one that I’ve suggested in the past and can’t push enough is Black Pumas – a beautiful album. White guy, Black guy – making beautiful musical magic together.

Change things up and I’m reading the quote of the day now. It’s from this book – the one that arrived yesterday during the recording of Sunday’s babble.

I go off-script a lot . . . you should go watch the video.

“Asking for help isn’t giving up. It’s refusing to give up.” – said The Horse via The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse – Charlie Mackesy

Revisiting record store day / Family outing to Long Play Cafe / Comics on a Sunday!

morning babble / Sunday 06-13-21

It was record store day, so the family and I headed out in the late afternoon. FYI – I did do my 163rd run. #164 is coming up outside after this 164th morning babble!

Anyway – family outing – and the question “to wear a mask or not” comes up before entering everywhere. Does every one get that feeling of “naked face”? It’s weird being out without a mask – are we allowed, aren’t we allowed . . . because my wife and I are vaccinated. And then, you see some individuals and you’re like – I don’t think they’ve ever had a mask on in the past year or so. That’s when I put mine back on again – vaccine or not. I’m playing it safe.

Back to Record Store Day – I didn’t get any specials but I did pick up 3 favorite artists of mine from Long Play Cafe in Newark. I did asked for some Elbow, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any. It currently resides in my Amazon cart, but I don’t want to go there. I like helping out the local businesses.

Speaking of which, Captain Blue Hen Comics is around the corner from Long Play Cafe and that sent me in the direction of catching up on some of my comic book reading when I got back home . . . while listening to my new vinyl!

Books . . . er . . . comics?

  • Finished the 5 issue series of American Ronin from Peter Milligan / Bring on the next volume because the first round was great!
  • I then grabbed my comic: Goldfish by Brian Michael Bendis and promptly dug into that one. He also wrote Jessica Jones: Alias as well as Scarlet.
  • I’m still reading my marking book from Seth Godin / Dave Chang’s memoir and / the leadership book which follows four former Presidents and how they led. Click here for those specific book and links.
  • I’m already peaking ahead to what’s next . . . maybe I’ll show those next week.

“I tend to forget what I’m doing will ever be read while I’m writing it, and just get on with the task at hand.” – by Garth Ennis

Happy Record Store Day! / Turtles “loving” or “playing tag”? / Indy Jones turns 40

morning babble / Saturday 06-12-21

Kicking off my Saturday with my turtle mug filled with my favorite black tea – it’s a smoky tea – Lapsang Souchong

Record Store Day (June 12th) Lady Gaga’s Chromatica on exclusive yellow vinyl; Rage Against the Machine with The Battle of Mexico City, which is a live album that was released last year for download; and AWOLNATION with Angel Miners & the Lighting Riders LIVE on vinyl. Aretha Franklin / Genesis / Def Leppard, and Prince. We get another Record Store Day on July 17th

I didn’t run yet – it will be 163, but this is the 163th babble

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – Do you wear your watch backwards? Yes. In the video I explain.
  • Question #2 – Are those turtles? Uh-huh. Yup. I say dancing or playing tag. You can get yours on Ebay where it’s listed as RARE Mid Century Modern Brass Ashtray Turtle Lovers Circa 40s-50s for $50.70. Here’s the link. My grandfather collected turtles. Anything turtles. Oooo. I’ve got this spittoon of a turtle – HOLD ON

ANTIQUE TURTLE SPITTOON IN CAST IRON can be found on eBay – here’s that listing. Bidding begins at $239.99

“We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and X never, ever marks the spot.” – by Indiana Jones – you know, Han Solo with a hat and whip. Happy 40th to Raiders of the Lost Ark – today! We’re supposed to get a 5th Indy movie in 2022!