Memorial Day Monday / Shaking hands? Or playing it like Doc? / Grant quote

morning babble / Monday 05-31-21

Who’s going swimming today? Not me. I turned on the heat today. Briefly. But – it was on. This morning, our house was in the 50s and that’s not good with the kids waking up. So, I pushed it on just for a weeee bit and hopefully it’s the last time until the fall. So, it’s chilly, but otherwise, we got a Monday where we can all relax and enjoy one another’s company, but also a day to reflect and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country – Happy Memorial Day Monday!

Gonna see a lot of people. Shaking hands? I kind of liked that we didn’t do it. Back in the day, shaking hands was the preamble to “I’m not going to kill you.” Gotta watch the video for the movie clip!

Plus, you really don’t know where their hands have been. During the week, I’m armpit deep in cleaning fish tanks and people want to shake my wet hand – gross. Then, there’s the aggressive shaker, the weak & limp shaker, and, of course, there’s the one where you’ll shake but are pulled in for the surprise hug. Whoa, whoa, whoa, too close before Covid and most definitely too close now.

151 Vlogs and 151st run is coming up after this. I’ll then have 5 months done!

“I know how much there is dependent on me and will prove myself equal to the task. I believe determination can do a great deal to sustain one and I have that quality certainly to it fullest extent.” – by Ulysses S. Grant via Chernow’s Grant (page 463)

Books on a Sunday / Stealing from Austin Kleon / Deeper look at a-ha

morning babble / Sunday 05-30-21

Still chilly, but not grumpy. I folded laundry yesterday, so I’m feeling good. What does that mean? Go watch yesterday’s video by clicking here and then you’ll get it!

Last night, my family & I met up with some friends at one of their homes. We vaccinated, so we can do stuff like that! Anyway, I was the family with the punk kids, but they ended up having a great time. At one point of the night, we were all around a table and playing the game – 5 Second Rule – where the basic gist of the game is needing to name 3 things listed on the game card within 5 seconds. I won’t go into too many details, but one group had to name three one hit wonder bands in 5 seconds. a-ha was mentioned. This is the band who had the song “Take On Me” along with one of the most favorite videos of all time. Well, Miss Denise got a little upset and quickly proclaimed that they are not a one hit wonder band. Now, I put in 11 years of radio time and some those stations played the junk out of “Take On Me.” BUT – I don’t recall ever playing another song by them. Like, ever.

So, I googled a-ha for a greatest hits album and they have one! It’s 16 tracks – all different, not just “Take on Me” and is called Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of A-ha. But then, I initially thought I found out that they had a new album because on Spotify, it’s listed as 2019 (it’s actually remastered, so the year is correct). The album is called Minor Earth Major Sky and was released back in 2000 . . . but not in the U.S. Elsewhere, this album was certified platinum in Norway and Germany and gold in Austria, Spain and Switzerland. So, on my Spotify account, I hit the heart symbol for this album as well as their greatest hits album. I’ll give them both a listen this week and then give a follow up review next Friday on New Music Friday. Going deep on the band – a-ha – who would’ve thought!

I haven’t run yet – but it will be #150 AND I’ll surpass 500 miles for the year – once done. It’ll happen soon on the treadmill.

Books on a Sunday!

  • Austin Kleon‘s Steal Like an Artist – I thought I could read this book in the morning and then do the babble, but . . . I got stuck – in a good way! I got motivated after reading Chapter 3 – “Write the Book you want to Read.” I then printed out the book that I was hoping to write this year. First time doing that. Only been typing away on the computer. So, now it’s physically in my hands and the ideas are being scribbled throughout the first 8 chapters. Next Sunday, I’ll definitely have the book – Steal Like an Artist – done (not my book – give me some time!) and finally do a further recap on all of its 10 chapters.

“It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected.” – by Mark Twain via Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist (page 23)

Folding laundry is my therapy / Formula for Life via Garry Shandling via Stillness is the Key via Ryan Holiday / Next fast is . . .

morning babble / Saturday 05-29-21

Took me a bit to kick it into gear today. I actually journaled and had tea prior to my run. Anyway, I’ve been a grump around here lately. Now, it’s easy to say it’s the weather and put blame there. BUT – I’m just behind with my work, personal goals, and that’s when I become my own worst enemy. I go into hiding and . . . become a grump.

HOWEVER, there’s one thing that I didn’t do yesterday, which might have helped me through all of this. Laundry – I do it and enjoying doing it. It’s a completed act. I washed like 4 loads of clothes, but they remain in the basket – two of them . . . piled high. I didn’t fold them yet. I should have done that. Watch the video – I think I explain it better there.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – When’s your next fast? Monday night, June 7th – the fasting fun begins again
  • Question #2 – didn’t feel like doing any more questions.
  • Questions #3 – sorry, but there’s next week.

“Give more / Give what you didn’t get / Love more / Drop the old story” – by Garry Shandling via Stillness is the Key (p. 111)

New Music Friday with DMX, Dirty Heads, Mustafa, and The Glorious Sons.

morning babble / Friday 05-28-21

Via Rolling Stone, I read that Spotify is working to help out new musicians. This past Wednesday (May 26th), “the streaming service announced its new Fresh Finds program, which will spotlight indie musicians in marketing campaigns and equip them with a variety of educational tools.” The program is a spin-off of the Fresh Finds playlist, which updates every Wednesday and his been around for the past 5 years. I need to listen to that more.

FYI – I don’t get paid by Spotify and I also don’t receive a free subscription. I just enjoy their app and all the music you get. Besides, after they signed Joe Rogan, there wasn’t any money left. Thanks Joe.

New Music Friday:

  • I’ll just start with the big one that’s out today – DMX’s Exodus (named after one of his sons). This album was nearly complete before his death on April 9 and includes a ton of other stars. The song being pushed today is called “Bath Salts” opens with Jay-Z, then Nas, and, of course, DMX. All on the same song. Other songs include Snoop, Lil Wayne, Bono, Alicia Keys, and on & on.
  • Another big one is from Mustafa (formerly Mustafa the poet) with his debut solo album – When Smoke Rises. This guy has been doing poetry since he was 12. The song I heard today was “The Hearse” – Very deep and real.
  • I did see and hear “Vacation” by Dirty Heads but that was released back in 2017. Great video too – has Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell all through it. Click here. Anyway, this new “Vacation” is a remix with Train aka Pat Monahan. Dirty Heads are on tour this summer and it looks like that they don’t have a new album, so let’s push out an old favorite. It’s a fun kick-off to the holiday weekend.
  • Glorious Sons (Canada’s Best Export) released “Daylight” last Saturday to kick-off the Stanley Cup playoffs. Today, we get “Young King”. I’ve liked these guys for awhile now and they keep getting better. Here’s a link to go big on some NFTs that the band is offering. Click here!

“If your heart was as big as your mouth you’d be real.” – by DMX

Hey Dunkin’ – I got a jelly donut tip / Snooze bar is a gateway drug / Jim Carrey quote

morning babble / Thursday 05-27-21

Happy Friday Eve aka Thursday.

I hit the snooze bar today. Snooze button? I’ve been doing that again lately and it worries me. I feel like the snooze bar (button) is a gateway drug to further procrastination.

ANYWAY – I did hit Dunkin’ on my way home yesterday. AND – I got Snackin’ Bacon, but I also asked for a large coffee with cream & sugar. Bacon was good, but they gave me this (watch the video).

Here’s a random tip for the Jelly Donut – take that thing home and top it with some peanut butter – it’s glorious.

Trying to expand my horizons. Every night, I sit in the house library to journal, but I also have a daily reading from the book – A Year with Rumi. I’m trying to understand it. Trying. It’s like Radiohead – I know that there are a ton of fans and it’s really well done . . . but, I’m trying to understand and “get” it.

“Avoiding certain people to protect your emotional and mental health is not a weakness. It’s wisdom.” – by Jim Carrey

Who orders cereal at Dunkin? / Stop caring what people think – Daily Stoic / Marcus Aurelius/

morning babble / Wednesday 05-26-21

Long road day in NJ. Today though, I’ve determined that I’m treating myself to the Snackin’ Bacon and a coffee with cream & sugar.

I was in Dunkin this past weekend getting breakfast for my family and overhead a guy say: “Don’t you have cereal?” Really? I mean they have Avocado Toast now, buddy and you want cereal. I remember when it was just Mr. Donut on Kirkwood Highway – just donuts and coffee – no sandwiches, no muffins, no bacon specialties. Water for the kids? Give ’em coffee!

I ran, I babbled – 146!

Read from the Daily Stoic (p.160) – “Don’t spend much time thinking about what other people think. Think about what you think, Think instead about the results, about the impact, about whether it is the right thing to do.”

Looking forward to the weekend – need to get busy on videos – Gummi Bears / Soap Battle / Tour of my house library / Looking for a charity / Quote Board / Writing a Book!

“Practice even what seems impossible.” – by Marcus Aurelius

Towel Day / The answer is 42 / Douglas Adams

morning babble / Tuesday 05-25-21

Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). On that day, fans around the universe carry a towel in his honor. Adams wrote the classic sci-fi novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This day was organized in memory of him after he suffered a sudden heart attack at the age of 49. His fans wanted to find a way to commemorate his life’s work, and after having one towel day, its success made it a yearly event. Within Chapter 3 of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s all explained.

What is 42? A computer, called Deep Thought, gets to answer the universe’s ultimate question: “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?”, and in response to this question Deep Thought gives a very simple answer: “42”. Yes – this is a part of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as well.

“If you really want to understand something, the best way is to try and explain it to someone else.” – by Douglas Adams

Monday – just smile through it / Acoustic set of Chris Lebresco via NCCL School / Muhammad Ali quote

morning babble / Monday 05-24-21

Hello Monday – let’s all just smile through it. I mean in one week, we get Memorial Day! Now for today, try to think about all the good things that occurred this past weekend. Then, see how you can build upon them for next weekend. Actually, this past Saturday night, my kid’s school – NCCL School – located in Newark, DE right on the U of D campus, they held an acoustic set by Chris Lebresco. Wonderful artist. But – it was all done through a video link. So, we got to chill on our deck, drinking our beverages, kids running around inside (without a babysister). A wonderful night. We got Chris to play White Stripes “We’re going to be friends” as well as Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike.” He also played a bunch more of everyone’s acoustic favorites – it was a little over 2 hours. Today, I’m going to think about that night as I push on through this Monday.

144 Days of Running / 144 Vlogs of Morning Babble

“Don’t count the days; make the days count.” – by Muhammad Ali

Happy 1-4-3 Day! / Books on a Sunday with Austin Kleon, David Goggins, & Mr. Rogers

morning babble / Sunday 05-23-21

I ran for #143 – on the mill again. Unfortunately, the eyes are not happy with the outdoors right now. The need for itching is continuous. Ugh. Anyway – it’s also the 143rd morning babble on the 143rd day of the year. Sooooooooo . . . Happy 1-4-3 Day! Pennsylvania is recognizing that today in honor of the late Fred Rogers, who would often use “1-4-3” as a way to say “I love you” — referring to the number of letters in each word — on the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” TV show. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go around telling people you love them – I mean, you can – but it’s mainly a way to encourage everyone to do something kind for someone else. Go do that!


  • Nothing has changed with my current books – just digging in deeper. Learning how nutty Lincoln was right now in the Doris Kearns Goodwin book – Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Hoping to find a day next weekend where I just sit and finish this one by Austin KleonSteal like an Artist. I just need a couple hours when I can sit still and knock it out.
  • The audio book of David Goggins book – Can’t Hurt Me – is taking me longer because I’m writing down all of these comments and thoughts along the way. Like his “Acccountability mirror” or “sometimes bullies are just telling you the truth but in a hurtful way” or “Pick the people around you that are going to hold you to a higher standard- not a lower standard. Most people are afraid to hear what they don’t want to hear.” So much good stuff!

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”- by Mr. Rogers

“Again” cubed: Hugging again / Fluffernutter improved again / Derek Sivers again

morning babble / Saturday 05-22-21

I ran! That’s 142 “5k runs” / Also, 142 Vlogs of “Morning Babble”

I was going to do the run outside, but I know that every year around Memorial Day, my eyes have massive issues. So, I hit the mill.

Also, I saw my parents yesterday. I’ve seen them here there and everywhere. But yesterday, I hugged my parents for the first time in a long time.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – Did you really kiss the marshmallow? Yes. And then I began creating some concoctions with PB and Marshmallow. This brought the babble to a quick close. Go watch the video.

“If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” – by Derek Sivers